Dearborn Virtual K-12


Many common questions about our new Virtual K-12 School are answered below. You can also check out a video presentation about the program and see the presentation slides.

How will classes work?

Students will have live lessons for the entire school day in a class with other online-only students. All assignments will be posted and submitted through Schoology (the district’s learning management system.) Classes will be taught by Dearborn Public Schools teachers and follow the district’s curriculum. Virtual K-12 will follow the Dearborn Public Schools calendar.

What can I expect from my teacher in a virtual class?

Dearborn Public School teachers will teach live (synchronous) classes to students daily. Assignments will be posted in Schoology and should be submitted by their due date. Teachers will respond to emails within 24 hours, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays and weekends.

Does my child ever have to come to school?

Families will need to come in to pick up supplies periodically, and students may be required to come in for state-mandated testing. High school students will need to come in to take finals for their classes.

Does my child have to have their camera on during class?


Can my child still play sports?

Yes. Students can still participate in after-school activities at what would have been their home school in the district. This includes playing sports if eligibility requirements are met.

Will my child still be enrolled in their home school?

No. Virtual K-12 is a separate school in the Dearborn Public School District. Students enrolled in Virtual K-12 are no longer connected to what would have been their home school in the district, except if they opt to participate in after-school activities. Parents should be prepared for their students to report to a different district location for supply pickup and for any required assessments or testing.

Will other Dearborn students still be online next year?

Dearborn Public Schools plans to return students to full-time, face-to-face learning when schools reopen for the new year on Aug. 30, 2021. Only students enrolled in the Virtual K-12 School will remain online. For students in-person, the district will continue to follow whatever COVID safety protocols are recommended by state and federal officials at that time. The district does not have the authority to require COVID vaccinations.

If my child was in the Virtual Learning Program for 2020-21 do I need to ask to transfer?

Yes. Because the district created a new school, instead of just a program, to better serve our online students, all of our students will need to apply to transfer into Virtual K-12 if they want to continue learning online in 2021-22.

My student has been in the Virtual Learning Program. How is this different?

The program will be similar in many ways, but there a a few key differences. First, students will be attending a full day of class, about seven hours a day with breaks. Middle and high school students especially had shorter days this school year. Next, cameras need to be on during class for all students.

Please no more virtual for us! How do we make sure our student is going back for face-to-face class?

You do not need to do anything if you want your student to return to face-to-face, in-building learning in August. Your child will automatically be placed in a class in their assigned building, even if they were part of the Virtual Learning Program this year. Only families that want online only school next year need to apply to transfer to the Virtual K-12.

Can my child switch back to their home school after class starts?

Students who enroll in the Virtual K-12 School are committing themselves to a full year online. It is difficult and disruptive to move staff mid-year, and those changes often unfairly impact other students who are not moving. If your child is having difficulties, please speak with your principal. Students can return to their home school at the start of the next school year. Students not in the program and also apply to transfer in the following school year.

What if I want to transfer after the deadline?

You can still contact the district and ask to be placed on the waiting list. If staffing is available or becomes available, we will move students into the program. Every child registered before the deadline will be transferred to in the school.

What electives will be offered?

Elementary students will be offered technology as an elective and will continue to have music, art, gym and media classes. Middle and high school students will have a more limited selection of electives than students attending face-to-face. The elective list is still being finalized and will be influenced by several factors including the number of students enrolled and interest in a particular course.

Can my high school student still participate in the Collegiate Academy or dual enrollment?

Yes. Students who meet the requirements for dual enrollment or who are invited to the Collegiate Academy can still participate in those programs. Dual enrollment and Collegiate Academy students will have to follow whatever guidelines Henry Ford College has in place for its courses, which may include attending face-to-face classes. They also should be aware the district and the college follow different calendars.

Will my high school student still have a graduation?

Yes. The Virtual K-12 program will offer its own special events for seniors, including prom, honors night and graduation. Their diploma will say they graduated from Dearborn Public Schools Virtual K-12 School.

Does my child need to live in Dearborn Public Schools to attend?


If you live in the district but your child is not currently enrolled in one of our schools, you can learn more about enrolling and start start the enrollment process at

Will Virtual K-12 continue after next school year?

Yes. We plan to continue to offer this online school as long as there is enough enrollment to maintain the program.

Can I still check my child’s grades in Parent Connect?

Yes. Parents can use Parent Connect to check grades and attendance. Students can also monitor what work is due and see feedback from teachers through Schoology under the Grades tab for that class. 

What happens if I do not attend final exams?

For high school students, final exams will be taken in person. Students who do not attend an exam will not receive credit for the exam and that will be factored into their overall grade. 

What will class sizes be like in Virtual K-12?

We plan to fill classes in the new school as we do in our existing schools. Elementary classes will average 22 to 24 students, middle school 26 to 28 and high school 28 to 30.

I’ve read the expectations and all these FAQs, and we want in. How do I transfer my child?

Our June 8, 2021 transfer deadline for next school year has passed. Any parent interested in having their child transferred to the Virtual K12 School should contact Student Services at  (313) 827-3005.  Student Services will use the Boundary Line Exemption process to determine if additional students will be able to transfer to the new school. Boundary Line Exemption petitions to transfer to the Virtual K12 School will be reviewed in early August.