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Welcome to your home school district at home!

Dearborn Public Schools is proud to offer students in our district the chance to learn online from home through our own Virtual K-12 School. As the name implies, this school is for students in kindergarten through 12th grade who want to attend school online only. Students will be taught live all-day, every day by Dearborn Public School teachers in a virtual classroom with other online-only students. Classes will follow Dearborn Public Schools curriculum, class times and calendar. The program is only open to students living in the Dearborn Public Schools district. Students who transfer to or enroll in the Virtual K-12 School are committing to the program for the entire school year.

Please explore this website to learn more about the program. Make sure you check out our Expectations for students and parents and look through the FAQs page. You can also check out a video presentation about the program and see the presentation slides.

The open transfer process for students currently enrolled in the Dearborn Public Schools has closed. Any parent interested in having their child transferred to the Virtual K12 School for the 2021-22 school year should contact the Student Services Department at (313) 827-3005. Student Services will use the existing Boundary Line Exemption process to determine if additional students will be able to transfer to the new school. Boundary line exemption petitions to transfer to the Virtual K12 School will be reviewed in early August.

Any parent and student new to the Dearborn Public Schools should contact Student Services to discuss the best possible enrollment option for their child.


Dearborn launching Virtual K-12 School

Dearborn launching Virtual K-12 School

The pandemic forced thousands of students to try virtual schooling for the first time over the last year. For families who feel virtual education best suits their needs, the district in the fall will launch the Dearborn Public Schools Virtual K-12 School. This new...

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