Dearborn Virtual K-12

October 7th is a Half Day

Just a reminder that Friday, October 7th is a half day.  

High School students will attend from 7:50-10:55am.   Students will attend hours 4th, 5th and 6th. 

 MIddle school students will attend an abbreviated schedule.  The schedule for October 7th is:

MS Half Day Schedule
1st Period7:50-8:15
2nd Period8:20-8:45
4th Period8:55-9:20
5th Period9:30-9:55
6th Period10:00-10:25
7th Period10:30-10:55

Elementary students will attend from 8:55am -12:05pm.  

It is important to remember that cameras must on and each student’s face must be clearly visible (from the shoulders to the top of your head.) 

Just a reminder that if you took school pictures in August, pictures/proofs are available for pick-up.  If you missed picture day, we have a make-up day on October 19th from 4-6pm at Long Elementary.