Dearborn Virtual K-12

Join Zoom meeting or see video to learn about new Virtual K-12

There are still three live Zoom meetings left for parents to learn more and ask questions about our new Virtual K-12 School, which opens in the fall. Parents who want their child to attend the new online-only school for next school year need to complete their paperwork by June 8. Students who do not transfer to the Virtual K-12 school are expected to return to full-time, face-to-face instruction at the start of next school year.

To learn more about Virtual K-12, join us online at via Zoom (Click here for Zoom link)

For those who cannot attend a meeting, you can check out a video of the presentation or view the slide show used in the presentation.

Then, if you want your child to be enrolled in the Virtual K-12 School next year, make sure you compete your paperwork by June 8.

  • If your child is already enrolled in Dearborn Public Schools, call or visit your child’s school and ask for your student to be transferred next year to Virtual K-12. The secretaries will take some basic information, and then you will receive an email with an online form to sign confirming you want to transfer your child.
  • If you live in the district boundaries but your child has been attending a charter or private school, you will need to first enroll your child in the district before you can request to join the Virtual K-12 School.

Video presentation

Presentation slides